Guarantees on Gravestones

Buying a gravestone can be a significant undertaking, and the last thing you should worry about when you are already choosing design, materials and experiencing all the stresses associated with a funeral is how long your gravestone or memorial will serve you with the future. That is why many tombstones and memorial companies will offer a guarantee for their products, which stretches for years and years after the completion date. Often you find that a company’s warranty lasts for decades, ensuring that the high standard of work that you initially buy will still reflect the quality and details that you originally paid for.

As with all warranties, you will probably find that some things are not covered. For example, gilding, painting or inscription cannot be included in the guarantee, but such things are quite easy to replace if necessary, only by contacting the company that initially provided the tombstone. You can also order cleaning at the memorial to make sure that the stone does not lose its colour or finish, and these will also be additional services that are not included in the guarantee.

After this last paragraph, you may wonder what the guarantee from the memorial provider covers and the answer is simple: the stone itself, which is the most essential part of the tombstone. Although it is possible to replace inscriptions or to correct engravings and other small details, replacing any damage to the stone will require an entirely new gravestone, costs that many people will struggle to afford, and one that can be heartbreaking for those who have control over the creation of the second memorial. Fortunately, these warranties mean that if the stone is cracked, broken or cracked, the company responsible for the production of the stone will replace it with an identically cut piece at no additional cost.

Such guarantees give you peace of mind when making any decisions related to the tombstone, and mean that you do not need to worry about any weaknesses in the rock itself. Of course, every company strives to use only the best stone in their monuments, so the chances of something happening to the gravestone are slim from the start. However, a weaker piece of stone can slip through, so such guarantees exist. If you want to talk with the company about their warranty, it is best to contact them directly to find out what is covered by insurance and what is not.